Application Management
Application Management
Application portfolio management (APM) provides enterprise-wide visibility into the landscape of applications that run your business.
Data Management
Data Managment
Business is driven by Quality Data. Make sure your data is right, organised and accurate!
 IV&V Services
We believe 100% dedication towards quality is the factor that drives us forward in today's competitive market.
Training Service
All our trainers are from IT industry with extensive knowledge and rich experience over 20 years.

Application Portfolio Management Service

        It is common to find organisations have been accumulating software applications and some of the systems perform the same function. Many reasons may exist for this duplication, including the former prominence of departmental computing, driven by growth through corporate mergers and acquisitions and the need to support an every-changing set of business requirements, and abortive attempts to adopt new tools. Regardless of the duplication, each application is separately maintained and periodically upgraded, and the redundancy increases complexity and cost. Organisations need to become more agile by gaining better control over their business applications, and develop a strategic plan for the on-going optimization of their application portfolio or risk financial loss.

         Successful APM initiatives require access to information at every stage of the process to effectively evaluate each application's use, function, value, and risk across multiple years. Inaco Software helps IT establish an on-going evaluation process and application roadmap, providing transparency into the current and future state of the application portfolio while aligning business strategy with technology investments. We use the lessons of financial portfolio management to justify and measure the financial benefits of each application in comparison to the costs of the application's maintenance and operations. The service includes listing the applications, asses and align application capabilities with business process and build roadmap for change and implement the change as per the business need.

Our service offerings also includes:

Application Development and Integration

Inaco Software offers full lifecycle application development and integration services, starting from requirement analysis to definition, design, from implementation and testing to roll-out and support. Our comprehensive proven quality management system governance model helps us to deliver world class soluton to our customers. and our belief in Trust, Transparency, Flexibility, Reliability and Power of five "W" and one "H" drives us to step into our customers' business reality, guarantying positive out comes with enthusiasm. We continue to relentlessly focus on technology and innovation to transform the requirement of our customers into highly productive solutions.

Application Maintenance and Support

Inaco Software has extensive experience in managing support projects and understands the complexity of outsourcing software applications. Inaco Software understands that application support and maintenance is an important element towards enhancing and extending the life of the applications to meet new business scenarios. We focus seamlessly in maintaining and transforming business-critical applications to meet changing business needs. We work with clients throughout the transitional period to ensure effective knowledge transfer, and take complete responsibility for operation and maintenance of applications, while working with your key business leaders and drivers. We are able to perform to our customer's unique Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements with our comprehensive set of frameworks, proven methodologies, cost effective commercial structure (T&M, Fixed Price or On Call ) domain expertise, steady and balanced support approach.

         We provide support through a dedicated support website (Ticket Tracker) or Telephone support 24*7. Each client is provided an access to secured ticket tracker extranet, which acts as a place for users to collaborate with the support team on issues and requirements. Inaco Software consultants always act in a professional, empathetic manner whist working at client sites.

Business Advantages
  • Faster time-to-Market
  • Reduce total cost of software support and increase product lifetime
  • Free critical resources from legacy technologies
  • Improved productivity for strategic initiatives
  • Improve customer experiences


       We believe successful business organisation requires professionally managed data, as quality data drives business. We help transform unstructured data into structured information and create a culture where data quality is valued. High quality data gives a big opportunity and competitive edge in today's market. We analyse data which constantly flows in and out of business, extract, build transformation rules and clean data so that high quality data is maintained. Our simple processes and solutions help to automate and simplify operations and see the business intelligence hidden in the data. We provide contextual intelligence report to support business growth..

Our service offerings are:

Data governance

  • Data governance
  • Data steward

Data Architecture, Analysis and Design

  • Data analysis
  • Data architecture
  • Data modelling

Database Management

  • Data maintenance
  • Database Backup and Recovery
  • Data Replication

Reference and Master/Meta Data Management

  • Data integration
  • Master/Meta data management

Data Quality Management

  • Data cleansing
  • Data integrity
  • Data quality assurance

Data Security Management

  • Data access
  • Data privacy
  • Data security

Data Migration

  • Data analysis & mapping
  • Data migration (Extract, transform, load)
  • Data migration testing & audit report

Data Warehousing and BI Management

  • Data mart & mining
  • Data movement ( Extract, transform, load)
  • Data reporting

Independent Verification and Validation Service

       We have 20 years of rich experience in Software testing and test automation over a variety of domains that range from Banking and Finance, Education, Government, Healthcare Insurance, Logistics, Manufacturing, Media, Retail and Utilities.

       We believe 100% dedication towards quality as quality is the factor that drives us forward in today's competitive market. Our team of well-qualified professional software testers provide complete support, starting from early stage of requirement gathering and design to go-live stage. We believe the quality of testing can be improved by adopting a systematic testing approach, while cost-effectiveness can be improved through test automation and utilizing offshore/onshore services. We will work collaboratively with you as an extension of your testing team or serve as your core independent testing team or as outsourced testing partner. Our offerings include both functional and non-functional requirement testing that address quality and service level objectives by making use of effective processes and tools.

       We provide service for the complete Software Testing Life Cycle Process and the Four System Development Testing Stages and also non-functional requirement testing:

Testing Life Cycle:

  • Test Strategy
  • Test Planning
  • Test Design
  • Test Construction
  • Test Execution
  • Software Defect Tracking and Resolution
  • Triage Management

Testing Stages:

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

Non-functional requirement testing:

  • Usability and Compliance Testing
  • Documentation Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Stress & Performance Testing
  • Data Integration and Migration Testing
  • Multi-Site and International Customisation Testing

We offer our above services for the complete range of today's software platforms

  • Client Server Application Testing
  • Database / Data Warehouse Testing
  • Middle ware Testing
  • Mobility Testing
  • Web testing

Professional Service

       Our mission is to provide a unique, unparalleled, strategic talent acquisition service that enables efficient acquisition of right IT professionals with suitable skill and qualities for your organisation. We specialise in recruiting at entry level, consultant level, and senior level and architect level IT professionals in all disciplines of IT industry. We service requirements of major IT industry leaders having both domestic and overseas operations. Our personalised service will help your organisation to meet your recruitments needs; we will work collaboratively with you as an extension of your recruitment team or serve as your core recruiting team or as outsourced recruitment partner.

Our personalised service and process which endeavours to meet your needs are:

  • Permanent Placement
  • Contract to Hire
  • On Contract
  • Turnkey Staffing
  • Outsourced Recruiting

Assessment Process:

        We look for specific candidates on a retained, contingency, executive or delimited / engaged search. Our process covers all the steps of recruitment, we understand requirements in detail, Identify right candidate through a series of screening stages, present you shortlisted top professionals who meet your requirements, offer negotiation and closing the position.

As our customer you will have access to our elaborate assessment report of the professionals in several areas, mainly:

  • Technical expertise
  • Hands on experience
  • Methodology experience
  • Personality and Leadership ability
  • Qualification and / or Certifications
  • General hobbies
  • Background reference check

Turnkey Staffing:

        It is very exceptional to find multiple skill set in a single person, our unique personalised service helps us to build required skills to fulfil your needs. We will closely match the position requirements with the shortlisted candidates experience for the specified skills and in case of gaps in the skill we put them under our expert mentorship and train them to deliver results aligned to your project goals. Our experts are equipped with the right mix of technology and domain expertise, please refer our training service.

Training Service

       In today's highly competitive global market, the need to stay smart and competitive is more important than ever before, one cannot ignore the fact that the organisations look for candidates who are well trained in the area of their specialisation. The more knowledge a person has, the better are his/her chances to qualify for suitable employment.

       Our vision is to provide high quality training at competitive and affordable price. Our core training expertise is in Database (Oracle/MS SQL OLTP/OLAP) and Software Testing. Presently we are diversifying into .NET, Web Design and Development, Software Engineering, Software Project Management and IT Infrastructure Management. We also provide personal and professional development courses which will give you the additional skills to help you achieve your goals in this competitive global workplace.

       Our wide range of training programs are carefully designed keeping in mind the industry requirement. Our hands-on training program is designed for both beginner and advanced levels. These training programs are offered to suit your timings. All our trainers are from IT industry with extensive knowledge and rich experience over 20 years. We also provide placement assistance through our placement division.

Our training programs:
  • Database (Oracle / MS SQL)
  • SQL Performance Tuning
  • Software Testing
    • Manual / Automation Testing
    • Client Server / Web Application/Mobile Apps Testing
    • Database / Data Migration Testing
    • Software Testing Requirement Management
    • Software Test Planning and Controlling
    • Test Case Design and Execution
    • Triage Management
    • Test Result Reporting
  • .NET
  • Web Design and Development
  • Engineering Area
  • Software Project Management
  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • Software Application / Database Verification(Review)
  • Personal and Professional Development Programs